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we buy houses

Letters , liters got very small amount of open you wait like I said two to five percent I didn’t want that man because it costs so much money and says how come I’m not a wholesaler.

I’m a buying old guy I didn’t want to go through all that so I want it when I try to do is close my eyes use my imagination and try to get the cream of the crop the ones that fly up like this and only target dose and I was able to cherry pick the best skills that I want the ones that you know I have the least amount of headaches the least amount of rehab the most amount of equity the most amount of cash flow and.

The reason I was able to do that is because instead of spending so much money in blanketing the area and then praying to God please somebody call me back because what happens is gonna be blanketed in area you’re hitting people that night or in the market are selling their homes you’re hitting people that don’t even need your services you’re spending all this money like retire spinning without gripping and.

What I teach you is instead of doing these generic ads or instead of just mail after the generic list you’ve got to use more creative ideas like my massive ppl PLM a filtering system which takes the list okay and right now I have a special well I’ve given my my excuse me my postcard marketing machine the ultimate postcard marketing machine and my PLM a filtering system and what that does is it takes your list.

Okay and it shows you filtering systems where you could reach out to these lists without spending thousands of dollars of mail or letters or whatever and get the cream the crop to call you and then you put them into a system where then you put them into a filtering system and then you put them into a follow up system and that’s way you could send out a hundred or less postcards and close a lot more deals and spend this much money to make this much profit or whatever you could imagine okay and with that I also have my postcard.

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