What Is a Job?


A job, work, or career, is basically a human role in the social world. More specifically, a job refers to an activity, usually regular and usually performed in return for monetary compensation. Many people engage in several jobs at once. A worker can start a new job as a student, being a volunteer, getting a part-time job as a nanny, a stay-at-home mom, a teacher, or starting a business. In the United States, there are many types of jobs, and not all of them are listed here.

Some of the more common jobs include salespeople, office administrators, teachers, cooks, nurses, janitors, plumbers, electricians, and therapists. Salespeople are professionals who deal with buying and selling. Examples include car dealers, wholesalers, and retail outlets. Office administrators, such as secretaries and managers, are involved with management of various offices. Cooks are people who prepare food for others or themselves. Nurses deal with diseases that affect the human body.

Teachers generally teach in their own homes. Janitors clean offices and homes. Nurses take care of sick or injured people. Plumbers are responsible for repairing leaks and pipes. Electricians make electrical systems work properly. A teacher’s job is a very common type. They must write reports on different subjects, assign tests, grade papers, and give lectures. A nurse’s job is also a very common type. Nurses must provide health care to those who cannot care for themselves, take care of patients who cannot be treated in their own home, and treat sick and injured people.

Most people take jobs as a volunteer. In order to do this, however, they must have the skills necessary to do so. For example, a volunteer in a school must be good in math and science. It is not easy to teach children, especially when you live in a small classroom, and there may be a need to work many hours, especially when students get restless during the day. Being a teacher takes skill and knowledge, and ability to teach children, and to make sure the child gets what he/she needs. Some people choose to be a nanny because they enjoy helping other people. Nannies usually help in caring for children who are sick, elderly, or have disabilities. A mother can become a nanny if she desires to be a caregiver for her children while she studies.

It’s hard to say exactly what job requirements are needed to become a teacher. One way to get a job teaching is to enroll in an elementary school. Many public schools employ teachers who come and teach at the beginning of the school year. Once a teacher has completed the program, he or she can apply for and receive a teaching certificate. A doctor can also find a job teaching if he or she wants to be a nurse. Doctors work in hospitals and they often handle cases that are more complex than nursing staff can handle.

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